Our Services

  • Full Inspection
    Guarantee high quality for your entire shipment by checking your goods piece by piece…. more
  • Kitting
    Use kitting and inspection services together to streamline your business…. more
  • Assembly
    Assemble different parts or pieces in a secure and innovative way…. more
  • Repackaging
    Carry out complex packaging programs for your specific products…. more
  • Metal Detecting
    Protect customers from injury due to broken needles left in your sewn products…. more

Sample Report

QC & Pack Certification

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China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components

  • AsiaWorld-Expo • Hong Kong Oct. 12 - 15, 2012 Booth No. 2Q37

Mega Show (Part I)- KenFair

  • Mega Show (Part I)- KenFair Oct. 20 -23, 2012 Booth No. To be advised

Mega Show (Part II)- KenFair

  • Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, HK Oct. 27 - 29, 2012 Booth No. To be advised


How do you handle kitting and packing of your goods?

  • Have this done at the factory and hope they don’t try to copy it and resell to others.
  • Have a packing company handle it and hope I receive the product in good condition.
  • Do everything ourselves to make sure it is done right.

Would you like to separate quality control and packaging from the general production process provided by the manufacturer?

  • No, I would like to work with manufacturers to complete the whole production process.
  • Yes, I would like to use third party service to ensure high quality goods while keeping my intellectual property safe from manufacturers.