See specific examples of what QC & Re-Pack has done in the case studies below

Case Study 1: Full Inspection of clothing

Client: European supplier of prom dresses, evening gowns, bridesmaid dresses, etc.
Background: Client required conducting full inspection of 4100pcs of lady’s dresses in 18 designs in 3 days before shipping out of China.

Solution: Upon getting this full inspection project, QC & Pack organizes a team specialized in inspection of garments with 2 operation supervisor and 10 well-trained inspectors. The quality control process included general appearance/workmanship check, measurement, needle detecting, marking/labeling and packing specification check of each product.

Result: 100% inspection was completed in 2 days (total 24Man-day), sorting out total 238 defective products (including 32 major defects: skipped stitch, broken stitches, shiny mark, pleats, asymmetric panel, color shades within one dress, etc.; 206 minor defects: chalk mark, untrimmed thread end, dirty mark, excessive stitches, exposed under stitch, etc). Re-inspection was conducted for 152pcs which were reworked by the factory on site, and total 123pcs passed the re-inspection.

Total 2231pcs quality dresses were shipped on time after full inspection at V-Trust QC & Re-Pack center.

Case Study 2:Complex kitting of multiple products for a Branded Emergency Kit

Client: US distributor of Emergency Kit:
Background: Client required QC & Pack to inspect and combine 5500 sets of emergency kit in 10 days. The individual products which included rugged jumper cables, a tough flashlight, a mini first aid kit, a two-in-one screwdriver, duct tape, cable ties, etc were produced by 6 different suppliers located in Guangdong Province.

Solution: After coordination, the individual products were sent to QC & Re-Pack Center by the suppliers. We organized 2 teams with total 3 supervisors and 12 well trained workers, taking charge of inspection and kitting process respectively.

Result: V-Trust QC & Re-Pack center is the perfect workshop to inspect and kit the various products. By integrating our strength of full inspection and kitting services, the project was completed in 5 days (total 70Man-day). The goods were loaded into container at QC & Re-Pack Center on time.

Completing full inspection and kitting in China, it ensures client to have the quality kits for immediate sale at the destination.