we know how to help buyers make products different.

    Top quality for your entire shipment
We check your products piece by piece and guarantee that 100% of your goods meet your specified quality requirements. With our 8 years experience in quality control we know what it takes to provide our customers with top quality products.

   Use inspection and kitting in one simple step
As your facility in China, we combine two of the most common and useful services. Now we can perform these kitting and inspection in one streamlined, time efficient and high quality process. Let us provide you with top quality kitted goods that will sell well in any market.

    Assemble your products in a secure third party facility
No longer worry about your intellectual property and trade secrets getting out. Now you can combine different parts of your product at one local facility, helping to keep your product information safe.

    Lower costs by performing kitting in China
By allowing QC & Pack to kit your products and prepare them for immediate sale in China, you can save on labor cost while raising quality. No longer have to worry about shoddy workmanship that leads to unhappy customers and high rate of return. The quality of a western kitting facility at the cost of Chinese labor, how can you lose?

    Organize the final package for your marking campaigns at local cost
Use QC & Pack to carry out complex repackaging projects i.e. individual packaging, assorted packing, promotional displays etc… Have your products arrive professionally packaged ready for immediate sale in your new marketing plan. Build your brand recognition and equip yourself to overtake your competitors.

    Repack inventory with new labeling for sale in new marketing plans
Remove the original package, and re-pack the goods with customized branding or labeling. Quickly and efficiently turn your inventory into new salable goods with high quality presentation.

    Resolve problems easily as the products have not left China
If you have ever tried to return defective products to the factory, you will know it is a difficult and expensive task. As you have large shipping cost and have already paid the balance of the bill. The factory can give you a lot of trouble trying to return them and most of the time the customer us not happy with the agreement reached. Having a full inspection and packing facility in China can help resolve these issues early before it becomes too difficult or expensive. Let QC & Pack make your life easier.

    Your facility in China for detecting hazardous metal objects in your products
Use our factory as your metal detection facility; make sure your imported products are safe for people of all ages. Whether you import baby clothing, bags, garments, towels, stuffed toys, bedding, scarves, carpet or other sewn products we can help you keep them safe for the consumer.