Protect customers from injury due to broken needles left in your sewn products

How can you eliminate the legal and financial risks caused by broken needles?

Japan, Europe and America have tightened their regulations and safety policies. The risk having broken needles left in your sewn products is unacceptable. By using QC & Pack’s metal detecting service, you can be confident that every product is free from metal contamination. Metal detection services are suitable for inspection of baby wear, children’s clothing, ladies clothing, pants, skirts, socks, shoes, scarves, stuffed toys, bedding, and other sewn products. We put the items one by one through metal detectors to ensure no broken needles or other metal contamination is left in sewn products.

Your Benefit

   Implementing mandatory needle detection procedure.

   1200㎡modern and clean workshop in Canton.

   50+ well trained workers handling your goods professionally.

   Metal detector with high sensitivity and strong interference immunity

   Ensure your products are free from metal contamination.

   Rest easy knowing that your products are safe for consumer use.

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