Find out how QC & Pack can be your one stop workshop in China.

Full Inspection
When production is finished, the supplier can deliver the goods to Our Full Check & Re-Pack Center in Guangzhou where 100% inspection and re-packaging can be carried out. We inspect the goods piece by piece according to your specified quality requirements which may include: general appearance, workmanship, function, safety, specifications, marking, labeling and any other requested points. After sorting out defects, we will finally seal the goods with pass inspection stickers.

Kitting (Combine different items into one kit)
Upon receiving your goods, we will use standardized procedures to inspect and combine your products into a complete kit. We are capable of kitting a wide range of branded items, gift sets, promotional kits, retail displays, etc…

Send separate parts produced in different factories to Full Check & Re-Pack Center. As your workshop in China, we can use a standardized procedure to inspect and assemble your products securely. The finalized product is safe from prying eyes, because none of your suppliers or competitors have access to the completed product.

We will use your supplied packing materials to sort bulk products into a customized package. By removing current packaging and re-labeling the products, we can also help you create your own personalized brand. Random inspection and full check can be performed during the process to ensure high quality goods.

Metal Detection
Metal detection services are suitable for inspection of babywear, children’s clothing, ladies clothing, pants, skirts, socks, shoes, scarves, stuffed toys, bedding, and other sewn products. We put the items one by one through metal detectors to ensure no broken needles or other metal contamination is left in sewn products.