The first inspection, kitting, assembly and packing facility in Guangzhou (Canton) area.

QC & Pack was founded in 2011 by V-Trust Inspection Service (www.v-trust.com), which is a leading third party inspection company in China since 2003, with ISO9001 and CNAS17020 certification.

QC & Pack is the first inspection, kitting, assembly and packing facility in Guangzhou (Canton) area. Our Center is located in the hub of Pearl River Delta, about 25 km from Guangzhou Port, 120 km from Shenzhen Port and 170 km from Hong Kong Port. Our main product areas include gift sets, promotional items, electronics, home textiles and fashion accessories.

From our years of service as inspection experts, we have observed that many buyers encounter quality issues when they import high-valued products, gift sets, branded items, etc from China. With QC & Pack, we do a full inspection of every product, guaranteeing the quality of the entire shipment and lowering your risk and workload.

Companies that have innovative or patent pending products are concerned that their products may be copied soon after they start production. Simply delivering these products to our QC & Pack Center, we can complete the final assembly and packaging in a secure workshop. We can secure your intellectual property, protecting your company from copies.

QC & Pack can combine different products or styles into one package, or separate SKU’s packing them according to shipping destination or product type. We help you receive high quality goods by providing inspection, kitting, assembly, sorting, and re-packing services.

We are not a trading company, not a sourcing agent, or a manufacturer. We are your QC & Re-pack workshop in China. We offer workspace, equipments, workers, technical support and project management. Just like a hotel, you can rent your own workshop in China by day, by week, or by month.

As inspection and packing experts, we know how to help buyers make products different.

    1200㎡modern and clean workshop

    50+ well trained workers

    8 years experience in inspection        services

    Detailed Report on a daily basis

    CNAS 17020 & ISO 9001 certification

    Strong technical background

    Trustworthy and hard-working team

    The first such workshop in        Guangzhou area

 V-Trust Full Check and Re-Pack Center
 Add: 7A-2, Jinshan Industrial Park, Panyu,  Guangzhou, China
 Tel: +86-20-34697818
 Fax: +86-20-34697318
 Website: www.qcandpack.com