Answering more questions so that you can begin using our services with confidence


1. Who is the owner of the goods, while being kept in V-Trust QC & Re-Pack Center? Do you have insurance?


2. Can we load containers directly from your QC & Re-Pack Center with goods from different origins inside the same container?


3. Who places the orders to my suppliers, is it QC & Pack or ourselves?


4. Do you provide warehousing and stocking services?


5. Are we able to use our own packing materials?


6. How do we handle shipping to your center and from your center to the port? Will this be expensive?


7. Who handles the customs declarations of the goods, is it QC & Pack or the supplier?


8. How can QC & Pack be of assistance if I already have a supply chain in China?


9. If we use your services for full inspection is it required to also use your packaging services?


10. How long it will take to complete a kitting project?


11. Is it possible to only use your service for packing and not for inspecting?


12. Can QC & Pack combine products from various suppliers into one blister or printed box?


13. Will a full inspection slow down the packing process and make me miss deadlines?


14. If a product is found to have many defects when in QC & Re-Pack center, how can we return it to the factory for reworking?


15. Who is held responsible if we receive our goods in unacceptable condition? You or the factory?


16. If the goods have some defects when they arrive in our port, how do we know if these defects were caused by the factory or by your workers when performing packaging at your facility?


17. Can QC & Pack be cut out of the supply chain when buyer deals directly with sub-suppliers?


18. What should I know when comparing QC & Pack’s services with other western based companies?


19. I already have an inspection service and a packing service. What is the advantage of combining them?


20. I have been using a foreign based packing center for years because I can trust they will do a good packing job. How can I trust that you will pack my products to my specifications?